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cc = Copper Coins
Name Sprite Function Weight Dropped by Sell Buy
Vial of Health Elixir Vial of health elixir.png Restores 22-65 health points 100g Rioter, Outlaw Bandit, Outlaw Hunter, Orc Bowman 5cc 25cc
Flask of Health Elixir Flask of health elixir.png Restores 65-100 health points 200g Rioter, Orc Savage, Orc Beastmaster, Protectorate Knight 5cc 50cc
Bottle of Health Elixir Bottle of health elixir.png Restores 100-160 health points 300g Rioter, Sal Cotton 5cc 100cc
Vial of Mana Elixir Vial of mana elixir.png Restores 22-65 mana points 100g Rioter, Skeleton, Outlaw Bandit, Outlaw Hunter, Goblin Summoner, Goblin Witchmaster 5cc 25cc
Flask of Mana Elixir Flask of mana elixir.png Restores 65-100 mana points 200g Rioter, Goblin Witchmaster 5cc 50cc
Bottle of Mana Elixir Bottle of mana elixir.png Restores 100-160 mana points 300g Rioter 5cc 100cc
Mysterious Potion Mysterious potion.png  ? 280g Zombie 30cc  ?
Vial of Elosia Health Elixir Vial of health elixir.png Restores 100-130 health points 100g Sal Cotton, Protectorate Knight  ?  ?
Vial of enhanced movement potion Vial of enhanced movement speed.png Increase movement speed 8g  ?  ?  ?